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Submitted complaints

Grievance filed by: Roger

We have a Sallie Mae education loan that i am having to pay three months later. I'm getting 6 robocalls/day from Navient also them to stop calling though I asked. This they called from a number with the caller id blocked morning.

Problem filed by: Lisa

I will be called 2-8 times weekly about student loan forgiveness and also have asked you need to take down their list. We have no figuratively speaking. The caller hangs up but we keep getting telephone calls as well as have few voicemails. I'd like to be paid for the constant harassment.

Grievance filed by: Bill

I'm 71 and graduated from university, financial obligation free, in 1970. I obtained a robocall from Navient today which directed me personally to enter my SSN or Navient account number to be able to ‘properly direct my call’. We kept striking zero until i acquired a ‘loan agent’ with a strangely international accent. Asia? Pakistan? Nepal? I explained he ended up being violating Indiana’s ‘Fo Not Phone’ legislation and asked for their manager. After 6 moments (I happened to be had and driving nothing else to complete) we hung up.

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